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I am an MSc. student in the Bates Lab at the University of Victoria and my research focuses on the vulnerability of rocky shore intertidal food webs to multiple climatic stressors. Specifically, I am investigating the impact of water and air temperatures on the feeding activity and metabolism of juvenile ochre sea stars (Pisaster ochraceus). Ochre sea stars are keystone predators, meaning they impart a greater impact on community dynamics relative to their biomass, and this can be seen through their influence on mussel populations in the rocky shore intertidal zone. 

I have a BSc. Honours in Biology (Marine Concentration) from the University of Victoria during which I gained essential lab and field experience. I completed my undergraduate honour's thesis in the Baum Lab, investigating the impact of local and global disturbances on the feeding niche of a generalist carnivore reef fish, Paracirrhites arcatus, using carbon and nitrogen stable isotopes. 

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